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We have built a reputation as a seasoned online sportswear wholesaler in UK. We sell a large range of market-leading brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Umbro, and we serve many companies in the UK and across the EU, ensuring that we always have enough stock to meet demand for products that can be readily sold at a profit.

Our wholesale sportswear items are certain to be a solid investment, whether your company specialises in football products, basketball products, or running. Our product line continually provides outstanding value for money, which has helped us build a strong name in the wholesale sportswear industry, both online and in the UK. We're known for our dependability, product quality, customer service, and on-time delivery.


 Today, show a unified and professional team front by outfitting your team with high-quality and premium sportswear alternatives from benson66. You'll find a wide range of performance t-shirts, training pants, base layers, and more in our collection, all of which make warming up and performing simple and comfortable. Our unbranded sportswear wholesale solutions are ideal for all sports and activities and may be customised utilizing our experienced printing and embroidery service. Explore our entire sportswear collection online to find the ideal solutions for your squad, or browse our entire assortment of t-shirts and shorts.

We at Benson66 understand how important it is for your sports team to have a professional, cohesive look. We also recognize that team members come in a variety of shapes and sizes. As a result, you can get your bespoke set of strips from us and rest assured that your entire squad will be dressed in the smartest, most fashionable attire.

Athletics, cricket, football, tennis, gymnasium, training, basketball, outdoor hobbies, and winter pursuits all have a fantastic selection of clothing. We have great clothes to ensure you look and feel the part, from ultra-light performance sports shirts to the snuggest utilitarian climbing and hiking gear.


In the United Kingdom, we are distributors and wholesalers of branded sportswear and accessories. Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok, and a slew of other worldwide names are available at up to 10% off usual wholesale pricing. Sweatshirts, track tops, jeans, jackets, t-shirts, headwear, shorts, bags, and trainers for men and women are all available. For a long time, we have been effectively providing this trade all over Europe. We can serve all types of wholesalers and retailers with small and large deliveries. We specialise in providing you with a very rapid and efficient service from our own vast stock.

We also provide Kids sportswear, so school, club, and hobby teams will be well-served. With costs like ours, we'll be able to take care of you no matter what your budget is. Also, don't forget that we have cutting-edge T-shirt printing capabilities, allowing us to add badges, logos, sponsor information, and names and numbers to your uniforms.

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